Sports Car Illustrated 1958

Summing up, for the man who wants to drive his car on the street and race it on weekends and still have a chance at the hardware, the Elva Courier will be hard to beat. Admittedly some of the amenities of the full street or boulevard sports car are missing, but to the truly shriven the no-nonsense performance and maneuverability of the Courier will make up for any number of cigarette lighters, ash trays and fancy knobs. SCI 1958

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Snow flies and the Elva needs to go to rest - maybe one more blast this weekend and then down stairs to the lower garage.

What needs to be done
  Clutch  - I did not sleeve either the master or the slave on the clutch as I had on the brakes
  My bad it is the only thing that makes the car difficult to get out of 4th and into third in spirited driving

Details - well we won some and we came in third on some - details need to be addressed for wire and    hydraulic routing - simple things  - firewall grommets  and a little nick to the upholstery.

If a Swallow Doretti  can be on the Lawn at Pebble Beach  - I think we can push the Courier that far
the only lagging piece is that so many remain as vintage race cars  where the  Doretti had none

Lots of people on the blog and no comments -

The new book (see another blog)  should have brought the cognescotti out of the woodwork