Sports Car Illustrated 1958

Summing up, for the man who wants to drive his car on the street and race it on weekends and still have a chance at the hardware, the Elva Courier will be hard to beat. Admittedly some of the amenities of the full street or boulevard sports car are missing, but to the truly shriven the no-nonsense performance and maneuverability of the Courier will make up for any number of cigarette lighters, ash trays and fancy knobs. SCI 1958

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Portland ABFM

After last year, we discussed the proper location for the Elva would be in MG-Other.  This reflects the cars engine/transmission parentage and our involvement in NAMGAR as an MGA Variant.

We took third in this class against a 1935 MG-PA
and a Y Type Tourer 1953 or so.

The Elva was disappointed and promptly discharged a freeze plug the next day.      Don't understand why - but it was weeping a bit after the long drive over the mountains.  Lucky we had the Auto AED

On the way back we seemed to have lost generator output -  might have been a bad ground - but we are digging into it

There were several Elva's on the track and overall it was a wonderful time.

Now for the Central Oregon Cavalcade of Cars 


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